5 Types of Sports for Early Childhood

Not only for adults, it turns out that sports also have very good benefits for the growth and development of children. Not only has physical benefits, exercise can also provide benefits both mentally and socially.

In fact, exercise in children is said to increase intelligence, you know. According to research conducted by researchers at Michigan State University’s Institute, children who like to exercise are shown to be more intelligent than those who do not or rarely exercise. It is said that exercise can help teach children to concentrate more on tasks and manage time more effectively.

From a physical point of view, a child who is used to exercising as a child will do the same as an adult. Based on research conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children need at least 60 minutes to train their physical. In addition, children who often exercise since childhood can also avoid the risk of obesity when they grow up.

Then what are the good sports for early childhood? Here are five types of children’s sports that can be taught to children from an early age:

1. Football

Not only loved by adults, football is also loved by children. No wonder football is the most popular sport in the world, including Indonesia. This sport is very good for children both physically and mentally. Among them are increasing cardiovascular endurance, strengthening muscles, flexibility, eye and foot coordination, balance, weight control. Meanwhile, from the mental side, children can learn discipline, sportsmanship and cooperation.

2. Gymnastics or Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the recommended sports for children. The benefits of this sport are many, including training the strength and flexibility of the body as well as the physical and stamina of children can develop properly. Not only that, gymnastics is also good for training the body’s balance to stay strong and not easily fall. This sport can also be done by all children, you know both boys and girls.

3. Swim

Swimming is a very good sport to be introduced and taught from a young age. Why? Swimming can increase children’s skills about water safety or water safety. In terms of health, by swimming children will be trained to regulate stamina and also breathing and train their body muscles. This sport is also useful for curing asthma in children, because the lungs will be trained optimally and efficiently during this sport.

4. Cycling

Every child will definitely love cycling. Although at first, the child will ride a tricycle to learn to pedal. After the child feels that he is old enough and it is time to use a two-wheeled bicycle, the child will learn to be braver but still be careful. In terms of health, the benefits of cycling for children are to train body balance, train leg strength, and train the heart muscle to stay in shape. Don’t forget to always pay attention to bicycle sports clothes along with their safety devices.

5. Inline Skate

Inline skating is a very fun sport. No wonder this sport is quite popular among children. This sport can even be started for children aged 4 years as long as the child has very good motor skills. When your child is interested in this sport, make sure he learns with a professional coach. The most important thing is not to forget to make sure the child uses all safety equipment while learning, starting from elbow pads, helmets, and knee pads. Like cycling, inline skating is also useful for maintaining body balance, training muscle coordination, training heart fitness, training muscle strength, and training children’s body flexibility.

It turns out that there are many sports options for children. So that children are enthusiastic about sports, don’t forget to facilitate children’s sports activities with comfortable sports clothes and sports shoes. Complete children’s sports needs ranging from swimming sportswear, gymnastics clothing, soccer sports shoes, bicycle sportswear and sportswear or other sports shoes at Decathlon, the best and most complete manufacturer of sports equipment