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Suddenly stopping a medicine may result in a “rebound” or worsening of bipolar dysfunction symptoms. For fundamental information about medications, visit NIMH’s Mental Health Medications webpage. For the most up-to-date info on medicines, side effects, and warnings, go to the U.S. Proper treatment ought to be pursued for all sorts of bipolar disorders, and you should work intently along with your healthcare team to determine the most effective remedy for you.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Since hypomania is less extreme than the mania that occurs in bipolar I disorder, bipolar II is commonly described as “milder” than bipolar I—however this isn’t utterly correct. Certainly, individuals with bipolar I can have extra serious signs during mania, but hypomania remains to be a severe condition that can have life-altering consequences and so ought to be correctly addressed. Bipolar dysfunction is a psychological health condition defined by periods of extreme temper disturbances.

Symptoms have a tendency to seem in an individual’s late teenagers or early adult years, but they can happen in kids as well. Women usually tend to receive bipolar diagnoses than males, although the explanation for this remains unclear. Bipolar disorder is a psychological sickness marked by extreme adjustments in temper from high to low, and from low to high.

Unless you’ve severe mania, the symptoms of bipolar disorder could be onerous to spot. People who’ve hypomania could really feel extra energized than traditional, extra assured and stuffed with ideas, and capable of get by on less sleep. Bipolar disorder not in any other case specified is a general category for a person who solely has some symptoms of bipolar dysfunction. These signs aren’t sufficient to make a analysis of one of the different three varieties. It additionally includes depressive symptoms, but its manic signs are a lot less extreme and are known as hypomanic symptoms. Hypomania typically becomes worse without treatment, and the individual can turn out to be severely manic or depressed. A 2005 examine found that 2.6 p.c of the U.S. population, or greater than 5 million people, are living with some form of bipolar dysfunction.


The modifications in temper could even turn out to be combined, so you might really feel elated and depressed at the similar time. Bipolar disorder, with its extreme mood swings from melancholy to mania, used to be referred to as manic depressive disorder.