How to Be Successful in Sit N Go Poker


We are seeing an increase in the number of people wanting to be successful in sit n go poker, in the hope of generating extra income they can then use to give their family a bit of financial help. Essentially playing sit n go poker allows you to do this, by having all the necessary skills honed, and lots of practice. There is no reason why anyone can’t be successful in these tournaments, just buy you a cup ofregular sngpguy.

Here we are looking at a set of 4 rules that are trusty recommendations for beating bola 88 sit n go poker games, all the rules are mentioned below.

  1. Almost every site offers a sit and go poker table favouring towards the shorthanded tables, so as everyone knows, the styles of poker are sometimes very different, depending on where you sit in relation to the boss. If you find a room where you play at everyone is using the same rules, then you can probably get a better price out of your sit and go poker tournament, where as if you are practising hard, you will have less people and a better chance of winning.
  2. Set a fixed sum of money, which you want to take home in the evening. But before you set this target, calculate you probable loss, by multiplying the amount of the buy in with the size of the blind, and the stack. This should be according to the cost of the sit and go tournament or the amount of your bankroll. A good sit and go poker calculator will offer the odds, as well as the possibilities of your expected return.
  3. Select the optimal number of players. When playing sit and go poker, you cannot afford to have a table full of a maniac or a tight aggressive player, because they will be the first to act and you have to play in a tight aggressive style. This will cost you a lot of money and your sit and go poker calculator will not take this into account. It will calculate the profit, when it is in fact worth to call.
  4. Tighten up your game. When playing sit and go poker, the implied odds will take effect, meaning you will not be giving away free cards in the early rounds. Also, playing tight will allow you to get more hands, and in turn more profits. This is the perfect strategy when you are entering the sit and go poker tournaments, especially when you have a tight aggressive player as your opponent.
  5. Know when to play loose. In the sit and go poker tournaments, the best strategy to play with a looser style, is when you have a very big stack. When you get a warm up, and you have a stable hand, then you can play more and more hands, when generally the right move would be to fold.
  6. When chasing suited cards, hit your out for the table. In the hold’em tournaments, a good strategy is to play with a hand like 12 ‘quire’ or 4 ‘plex’ or even 6 ‘quire’.

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